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Cavanaugh's Wedding Planner and Bride Show

Our Mission Statement: Connecting the right bride with the right Wedding Professional.

People often ask how we got started in the wedding business. We thought we’d share an abridged version of our story.

We leaned on friends and family from the start, and produced our first BrideShow (30 vendors, 400 brides, and lots of mistakes) in 1985. Hard work kept the business alive and the household afloat. Dan delivered pizza and DJ’d weddings. Donna worked as a professional seamstress. We watched the business grow a little each year.

Today our BrideShows are the largest and the best attended in the Tri-State area. We welcomed over 165 vendors/950 brides at our January BrideShow, and over 105 vendors/510 brides at our July BrideShow. Ten years ago we added a Westmoreland County BrideShow that’s been well received by brides and vendors alike.

Cavanaugh’s Wedding Planner debuted in 1987 to complement the BrideShows. It has grown from 190 black and white pages to the book you hold in your hands--a 250 page full color indispensable 3-ring binder for any bride in the Greater Pittsburgh area. From the outset, we trusted that quality and good faith would serve our customers and the business. It’s a guiding philosophy and a way of life. Cut no corners. Let the product speak for itself.

Our approach brings recognition and thanks in the most unexpected places. Like at the neighborhood Post Office, where Dan met a clerk who went out of his way to say how he and his fiance found Cavanaugh’s Wedding Planner indispensable. Or the priceless word-of-mouth referrals, overheard on the morning bus commute or across the room at the hair salon.

People often can’t believe that something of such uncompromising quality is made available to brides for FREE! Believe it. From the durable 3-ring binder to the pocket in the back, it’s the most user friendly wedding planner available!

Our website, brideshow.com was added, and is the best local wedding website. It has great tools for wedding professionals as well as brides.

As a family owned business with strong ties to the community, we maintain the long view toward success. Vendors and advertisers, in return, have rewarded us with unmatched loyalty. More than half of our customers trace their relationship back to the very first BrideShow or Cavanaugh’s Wedding Planner, Vol. 1.

To all of our clients, and to the thousands of brides over the years, we express a BIG Thanks! We pledge our commitment to quality and service, and we look forward to continued growth and change.

Warm Regards,


Dan and Donna Cavanaugh

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