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Show Prizes

All Engaged Couples attending any of Cavanaugh's BrideShows will receive the prizes listed below.

Rules of Entry

Only One (1) entry per couple will be accepted for these prizes. Multiple entries are not accepted.
Giveaways are ONLY open to COUPLES GETTING MARRIED in the future.
Entrants must be 18 years or older.
Sponsors of Giveaway are not liable and/ or responsible for any delays in mailing of product.
Cavanaugh’s BrideShow and Wedding Planner is not responsible for the services, policies or practices of the participating sponsors/prize donors.
Cavanaugh’s BrideShow and Wedding Planner reserves the right to substitute service or products for those provided by our sponsors/prize donors.
Winners may not substitute, trade or transfer prize to another party.
All Federal, State, local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law.
Some restrictions may apply.
All fields of information must be completed to be eligible.
Please print information to be legible.
If you are not attending the show and want to enter, send a postcard to Cavanaugh’s BrideShow and Wedding Planner, P.O. Box 91, Morgan, PA 15064 Include Name, Address, Phone Numbers (work, home and cell), Banquet Facility Location, Wedding Date and E-Mail Address.
By completing any after show surveys it is understood that Cavanaugh’s BrideShow and Wedding Planner reserves the right to use the written submissions completed in our on line survey including, but not limited to, name, photograph, correspondence or interviews for publicity purposes or any promotional material published and/or printed or used on our website brideshow.com

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