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Decorations and Favors

Topic: Decorations, Bridal Accessories, Favors
Timeframe: Four Months
While some party spaces require little or no embellishment, others offer a blank canvas with unlimited potential for decoration. In the right hands, elements such as flowers, balloons, lights, and ice sculptures can fill a room with mood and ambience.


First impressions help set the tone for an evening, and so think hard about how various decorative touches will come together as your guests step into the reception hall.

The arbor of flowers used for the ceremony can serve as a background for the head table or entranceway. The church candelabra can bring the romance of candlelight to the reception room. Tulle and fairy lights can change any room into a romantic wonderland.

Consider renting accent items, such as lattice, topiaries or large plants to fill in large empty spaces, or effectively divide a large room into several smaller sections.

A personalized sign is important to have and should be placed on a tripod beside the guest registrar. If your reception is in a hotel or club where there may be other functions taking place, a sign will reassure your guests that they do indeed have the right room. Your reception site may provide this.

Balloon sculptures can accent any reception site. Centerpieces consisting of mylar hearts attached by mylar ribbons glimmer throughout the evening. Large bouquets of richly colored balloons or balloon clouds, anchored by weights, give the dance floor fairytale charm. Swirling balloon arches can spotlight the head table and your bridal party. Ask your balloon professional about environmentally friendly balloons.

Table Decorations

Table skirting and accents of flowers, greens and babies breath will showcase your bridal, cake and gift tables.

Candles or a lighted fountain can give the cake a more dramatic backdrop. A trellis made of lattice looks lovely surrounding a small sized cake table. Decorated in lights and flowers, it makes a beautiful focal point for the cake, and it can al so surround a decorative drinking fountain or ice sculpture.

A low floral centerpiece placed directly in front of the bride and groom will add beauty and color to photographsCenterpieces (silk, floral or balloon) should accent guest tables. Fabric table overlays done in your wedding colors, or napkins and linen table covers done in accenting colors, add the perfect finishing touch.


Many couples continue the age-old custom of giving small wedding favors to guests. In some cultures, flower seeds or tree seedlings were offered to ensure fertility. Favors can literally be anything that matches your taste and budget. Many items can be personalized with names, date, etc.

Following are some general ideas for favors:

• Candies, cookies, nuts wrapped in tulle

• Personalized chocolate bars or wrappers

• Champagne with personal labels

• Potted rosemary plants (remembrance)

• Packets of flowers seeds

• Individual tree seedlings

• Packets of personalized coffees and teas

• Tiny address books with your married name and address inscribed

• Imprinted scrolls, matchbooks, ribbons

Accessory Items

Select a Guest Book to place at the reception entrance. Choose either an address/telephone format or a blank book that invites friends and relatives to write longer notes and wishes. Be sure to anchor a good pen with the guest book.

Personalized Toasting Goblets or Flutes of crystal, silver or pewter lend a special touch. While many caterers provide the standard “Bride” and “Groom” glasses, having your own goblets adds an extra touch of romance to the day.

You will also need a Cake Knife and Server set for the ceremonial cutting of the cake. These come with gold, silver or crystal handles. The blades can be engraved with your names and wedding date. As a special touch, have your florist add ribbon and a small fl oral arrangement to the handles.

A gift table Card Box can be trimmed with flowers and ribbons to coordinate with your bridal party colors. A birdcagel is favorite design, along with boxes shaped as churches, mailboxes, baskets, and wishing wells.

You may wish to purchase a Keepsake Bag. This bag, can be used to hold cards, or to collect donations during the traditional “Money Dance.” The bag can also hold mementos for years to come.

Be sure to check out the Decorations, Favors Worksheet under: For Brides: My Bridal Suite

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